Cash Collection with SAP Collections Management User guide

In this video tutorial you will learn about SAP Collections Management. The following scenario is demonstrated in this lesson:

This process enables to trace and follow up promises to pay made by customers. SAP Collections Management supports automatic real-time updates of promises to pay by incoming payments. If a customer does not pay within the agreed period of time an evaluation run will set the state of the promise on broken. Collectors can trace and follow up broken promises. This will reduce time to prepare customer contacts and improve efficiency.

You act as collection agent “Accountant1”. You create a worklist containing all customers you are responsible for. For one of these customers you create a promise to pay in the system and initiate a dispute case. Read more

Document Splitting in New General Ledger

New General Ledger (or new G/L) in the SAP ERP system offers a powerful feature known as document splitting. With document splitting, accounting line items are split according to specific characteristics This way, you can create financial statements for entities such as Segments and meet legal requirements. This document also explains the basics steps of Passive splitting, Active splitting — Rule-based splitting and Splitting using zero balancing with examples. At the end you will see a step by step Document Splitting examples to familiarize with process. Read more

Tax Configuration

SAP takes care of tax calculation, tax postings, tax adjustments, and tax reporting through the three FI components; namely GL, AP, and AR.

SAP allows taxation at three levels:

  1. National level or federal level (Europe, South Africa, Australia, etc.)
  2. Regional or jurisdiction level (USA)
  3. National and Regional level (India, Canada, Brazil etc.)

As the requirement of tax configuration in SAP you should define the following; Read more

Difference Between mySAP ERP Financials and R/3 Financial Accounting

‘mySAP ERP Financials’ is built on the NetWeaver platform, which is the foundation for service oriented business solutions, for deploying financial processes at a faster pace. Irrespective of the business type, mySAP ERP Financials is designed to support financial accounting requirements to provide a single complete platform to achieve excellence in accounting, performance management, financial supply chain, and corporate governance. Read more


HR/Payroll Integration with ERP Financials

With this presentation you will learn the key integration points between the HR/Payroll functions and Financials, understand the fundamentals for the transfer between payroll and financials and useful tips for configuration. Followings topics to be covered;

  • Understanding How Payroll Updates FI/CO
  • Utilizing the Payment Program
  • Mapping Payroll Components to FI/CO
  • Defining Third-Party Remittance Components
  • Narrowing in on Tax Authorities
  • Reconciling Using the Payroll Reconciliation Report

Read more


University Resources for SAP Tutorials

Because I’m a college student, it has been many times i have collected useful course documents from other college’s sites to make my study easier. Well, this is valid for improving my SAP knowledge also though this is uncommon for many practicers. There are a plenty of University resources that you can benefit at the utmost. Recently you must have seen SAP Online Training sites provide interactive user guides which are created by Adobe Captivate application. Like Michaelmanagement provides, you can view the demo. This tool also tempts my interest, to create certification tests, end-user guides and presentations. Read more

Accelerate Closing Operations With New General Ledger

In period-end closing, a company compiles information at the end of a fiscal period. Many departments of a company contribute to closing information as well as use the information for strategic purposes, so coordinating this effort in a way that ensures it can be accomplished quickly and the information put to best use is a challenging task. For every company it is an ultimate goal that the period-end close run smoothly and provide the basis for the company’s financial and management reporting. Achieving this objective has two aspects. The first is to manage the organization of people, accountability of the closing tasks, and communication. The second is to eliminate error-prone and time-consuming tasks. mySAP ERP offers new functions and a simplified data structure to achieve both. Read more