New General Ledger Configuration in SAP ECC 6.0

The main purpose of G/L accounting in SAP is to provide a comprehensive picture of external accounting and accounts. Recording all business transactions (primary postings as well as settlements from internal accounting) in a software system that is fully integrated with all the other operational areas of a company ensures that the accounting data is always complete and accurate.

In this document, you will find in-depth overview and configuration process flow of New General Ledger in SAP ECC 6.0

  • Brief Overview of Parallel Accounting, Integration of Legal and Management Reporting, Segment Reporting, Cost of Sales Accounting
  • Activate New General Ledger Accounting: SE11 / FAGL_ACTIVEC
  • Compage Ledgers GCAC
  • Deactive of Updation to the Classic General Ledger (GLT0)
  • Define Ledgers for General Accounting
  • Define Currencies for the Leading Ledger
  • Define and Activate Non-Leading Ledger
  • Assign Customer Fields and Scenarios to Ledgers
  • Define Ledger Groups
  • Document Splitting Settings & Configuration
  • Extended Document Splitting

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SAP New General Ledger Presentation – Highlights

Introduced with mySAP ERP 2004 (ECC 5.0) New General Ledger came with many functionalities that makes your process easier. Previously, a lot of shares have been already made for New General Ledger that introduces you these features.

This document is yet another presentation highlights following key features

  • Totals Table FAGLFLEXT
  • New FI drill-down reporting
  • Parallel Valuation – Multiple Ledger Approach
  • Segment Reporting
  • Document Splitting

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Useful Documents to Introduce You SAP New General Ledger Features

Since the release of SAP R/3 in 1993, the most extensive changes on GL was done with the advent of New GL. Many new features has been introduced which provides great benefits for companies like increased integration, accelerated closing, ease of producing parallel accounts etc. Some of these features in New General Ledger are Document Splitting, Parallel Accounting and Segment Reporting.

Besides the links i provided you above, in this post i will share with you some documents i have just come across which will give you brief concept of the new features came with New General Ledger.

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Free Configuration Staff for FICO Consultants

Well, i guess almost all FICO Consultants must have heard about site. It is the one of the most popular site selling Configuration Staff like site does. When you browse their site you may not find any link to download sample documents visible, they only provide with email. Using my Google Search tricks i have explored some hidden gems on site. When i check the dates files uploaded, so i thought they can’t be unaware of this issue. You can read my Google Search tips article if you want to find the documents hosted on site, but i will provide you here direct links. So lets start;

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SAP New General Ledger Accounting Functions

The new general-ledger accounting software in mySAP ERP can help companies like yours address these issues. mySAP ERP now provides a unified structure that combines individual ledgers – such as the cost-of-sales, profit-center-accounting, and consolidation-staging ledgers. With this structure you can:

  • Considerably accelerate your period-end closings
  • Flexibly perform reporting tasks based on data reconciled in real time
  • Efficiently handle financial reporting, according to both local and international accounting principles

This document explains how the new general-ledger software in mySAP ERP incorporates the new features. It also describes how you can make the transition from the general-ledger accounting functionality in SAP® R/3® software to the new general ledger.

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Yet Another General Ledger End-User Training Manual

This course will focus on how SAP General Ledger Accounting module manages general ledger transactions and activities.

The starting point of the course will introduce the concept of General Ledger Master Records creation and will give explanations with regards as to how they will relate to transactional processes. The course will also touch on the structures of General Ledger accounting record and their significance to processes that are critical to General ledger accounting in the recording of accounting transactions such as expenses, revenues, adjustments and also assist in areas of internal and external reporting.

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