Difference Between Parking and Holding of Documents

The ‘Parking of a Document’ in SAP is one of the two preliminary postings (the other being the ‘Holding’ of documents) in the system and refers to the storing of incomplete documents in the system. These documents can later be called on for completion and posting. While ‘parking’ a document, the system does not carry out the mandatory ‘validity checking.’ The system does not also carry out any automatic postings (such as creating tax line items) or ‘balance checks.’ As a result, the transaction figures (account balances) are not updated. This is true in the case of all financial transactions except in the area of TR-CM (Cash management) where ‘parked’ documents will update the transactions. Read more

Preliminary Postings in SAP

The  user  can  use  preliminary  postings  to  enter  and  store  incomplete  documents  in  the  system. Preliminary  postings  do  not  update  any  data  in  the  system,  such  as  amounts.    The  two  types  of preliminary postings are:

  • Parked Document
  • Hold Document

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