SAP HR Time Management Training: Time and Leave Transactions

This training guide explains the different Time and Leave Management transactions that the Time Administrator uses to maintain Employee time data in SAP.

After reading document, you will be able to:

  • Display an Employee Personal Work Schedule [PA51]
  • Display Employee Time Data [PA51]
  • Create a Permanent Change to a Work Schedule [PA61]
  • Create a Temporary Work Schedule Change (Shift Substitution) [PA61]
  • Display Quota Overview [PT50]
  • Create a Leave Quota Correction Record [PA61]
  • Generate Special Absence Quotas [PA61]
  • Create Personal to Holder Leave record [PA61]
  • Create a Leave Quota Compensation Record [PA61]
  • Create an Absence for an Employee [PA61]
  • Perform Time Evaluation for an Employee [PA60]

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Time Management Made Easy | SAP HR

An important and complicated part of the SAP HR module is its Time Evaluation component. In a company, there may be employees working on monthly salary. Such employees may be eligible for a fixed monthly salary and the actual times worked on each day (or breaks within working hours) may not be important for salary calculation.

In this article, three different scenarios within Time Management will be examined.

  • Without Time Evaluation (and Without Time Recording)
  • With Time Evaluation Along With Time Recording
  • Using Time Evaluation Without Time Recording

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