SAP Pricing Configuration: Step by Step Guide with Demo Example

In this document you will find notes for the elements of the pricing condition technique and the relationships between them. After reading it, you will get a fair knowledge about converting your pricing requirements into the necessary R/3 pricing strategy.

The objective of this document is to allow you to :

  • Explain how conditions are used in pricing
  • Demonstrate how to create condition records
  • Locate condition types in customizing

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SAP Pricing Configuration & User Manual

This is not a comprehensive guide but just based on specific requirement which first guides you through a simple Pricing Configuration and later shows you a real-life exercise with some sales procedures.

In this document you will do the following tasks
Step 1: Look at Document pricing procedures
Step 2: Look at Customer specific pricing
Step 3: Determining what procedure to use (customer or document) &Setup rule for pricing determination
Step 4:

  1. Testing the new pricing procedure (creating sales order)
  2. Look at price changes based on valid dates (planned changes)
  3. Manually override a price (from $295 to $305)

Step 5:

  1. Create a discount of $10 per unit if any customer buys over 10 units.
  2. Add a customer discount of 10% if any customer buys for over $1,000.
  3. Create Minimum pricing

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