Step by Step Guide to SAP SD Organizational Structure Configuration

In this step-by-step guide with screenshots and notes, you will learn how to configure organizational elements of SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. Following is the content covered in this document:

  • How to define sales organization
  • How to assign sales organization to company code
  • How to define distribution channel
  • How to define division
  • How to assign division to sales organization
  • How to set up sales area
  • How to maintain sales office
  • How to assign sales office to sales area
  • How to assign sales organization – distribution channel – plant
  • How to assign sales area to credit control area

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Yet Another Exclusive SAP SD Customization Guide

This document, actually being a report as a part fullfillment MBA of a student, is a great reference to those beginners seeking for SAP Sales and Distribution configuration steps..

Throughout this SD Customization Book, you’ll find step-by-step instructions with all related transactions codes & paths of the following topics that will help you understand in-depth:

  • Definition of enterprise structure, organizational management, sales organization..
  • Configuration of Company, Company Code, Sales Area, Shipping Point, Distribution Channel, Division and assignment of these areas with the Company Code..
  • Sales Order Cycle

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SAP Pricing Configuration & User Manual

This is not a comprehensive guide but just based on specific requirement which first guides you through a simple Pricing Configuration and later shows you a real-life exercise with some sales procedures.

In this document you will do the following tasks
Step 1: Look at Document pricing procedures
Step 2: Look at Customer specific pricing
Step 3: Determining what procedure to use (customer or document) &Setup rule for pricing determination
Step 4:

  1. Testing the new pricing procedure (creating sales order)
  2. Look at price changes based on valid dates (planned changes)
  3. Manually override a price (from $295 to $305)

Step 5:

  1. Create a discount of $10 per unit if any customer buys over 10 units.
  2. Add a customer discount of 10% if any customer buys for over $1,000.
  3. Create Minimum pricing

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SAP SD Configuration Material Download – Best One So Far!

SAP Configuration related guidelines, info are rare to find on web environment currently. However this one is the best I have come accross for SD Module so far, at least in freely available documents. I did not have time to check all but 363 pages of this guide does not only provide you configuration procedures, but also extend content with end-user notes too. Starting with a simple ERP ve SAP concept definition, in the ongoing pages you will be introduced each topics, then you will be provided SAP IMG Path of all configurations with screenshots supported. Most important tables and fields in each topics are also provided. Just some of the configuration topics from the very first of pages that you convince you about this guide’s quality

  • Enterprise Structure – Define Company, Company Code, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Area, Sales Group, Plant, Storage Location, Shipping Point
  • Enterprise Structure – Assign Company code to Company, Sales Organization to Company Code, Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Division to Sales Organization, Plant to Company Code
  • Master Data – Define Account Group, Number Range, Assign Number range to Customer Account Groups, Define Regions, Define Sales District, Price Group, Price List, Shipping Conditions and etc…

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