SAP FI Accounts Payable: Step by Step Guide to Frequently Used Business Process Procedures

Similar to the SAP FI General Ledger guide I shared previously, this document also explains frequently used business processes related to Accounts Payable module. You will find step-by-step details with screenshots from SAP ECC 6.0 screens. See the covered content below:

  • Create a Vendor Master Record (Centrally) [FK01]
  • Change Vendor Master Record (Centrally) [FK02]
  • Display Vendor [FK03]
  • Display Vendor Account Changes (Centrally) [FK04]
  • Block/Unlock of Vendor (Centrally) [XK05]
  • Set Deletion Indicator for Vendor Master Record [FK01]
  • Posting a Vendor Invoice [FB60]
  • Post Vendor Credit Memo [FB65]
  • Park/Edit Credit Memo [FV65]
  • Posting a Vendor Invoice [F-43]
  • Post Manual Outgoing payment [F-53]
  • Down Payment Request [F-47]
  • Posting A Vendor Down Payment [F-48]
  • Process Vendor Down Payment Clearing [F-54]
  • Reset Cleared Items [FBRA]
  • Displaying Vendor Balances [FK10N]
  • Displaying and Changing Customer Line Items [FBL1N]
  • Clear Vendor [F-44]

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SAP AP (Accounts Payable) User Training Manual

In this user training manual for SAP Accounts Payable sub-module, you will find step by step instructions for the following processes in detail;

  • Vendor Master Creation [FK01]
  • Vendor Invoice Processing [FB60]
  • Vendor Credit Memo (Deductions) [FB65]
  • Vendor Down Payment Request [F-47]
  • Vendor Down Payment (Advance to Vendor) [F-48]
  • Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV) [XK01]
  • Vendor Down Payment Clearing [F-54]
  • Vendor Payment- Automatic Payment Program [F110]
  • Vendor Payment with Check Printout [F-58]

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SAP FICO Master Data Creation Notes, User Guides

In this document you will find Master Data related notes, end-user guides for SAP FI/CO. The settings are covered per requirements of specific company ( mostly CIN related ) but also applies to general knowledge.

  • Creation of General Ledger Account (FS00)
  • Extending GL accounts (FS15)
  • Creation of Primary Cost Element (KA01)
  • Maintaining Cost and Activity Type (KP26)
  • Allocation Cost Element
  • Creation of Secondary Cost Element (KA06)
  • Creation of Vendor Master Codes (FK01)
  • Creation of Customer Master Codes (FD01)
  • Creation of Internal Order Master (KO01)
  • Creation of Asset Master Codes (AS01)
  • Creation of Asset Sub-number Codes (AS11)
  • Creation of Bank Key Masters (FI01)
  • Creation of House bank (FI12)

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Customer, Material & Vendor Master Data Tables

Below are the list of important tables of Customer, Material and Vendor Master Data in SAP.

TableDescriptionTable Category
KNA1General Data in Customer MasterCUSTOMER MASTER
KNB1Customer Master (Company Code)CUSTOMER MASTER
KNC1Customer Master Transaction FiguresCUSTOMER MASTER
VCKUNAssign customer credit cardCUSTOMER MASTER
KNVVCustomer Master Sales DataCUSTOMER MASTER
KNVPCustomer Master Partner FunctionsCUSTOMER MASTER
KNVLCustomer Master LicensesCUSTOMER MASTER
KNVICustomer Master Tax IndicatorCUSTOMER MASTER
KNVACustomer Master Unloading PointsCUSTOMER MASTER
KNKKCustomer master credit management: Control area dataCUSTOMER MASTER
KNKACustomer master credit management: Central dataCUSTOMER MASTER
KNEXCustomer Master: Legal Control  Sanctioned Party ListCUSTOMER MASTER
KNASCustomer master (VAT registration numbers general section)CUSTOMER MASTER
KNVKCustomer Master Contact PartnerCUSTOMER MASTER
KNVDCustomer master record sales request formCUSTOMER MASTER
KNVSCustomer Master Shipping DataCUSTOMER MASTER
KNBKCustomer Master (Bank Details)CUSTOMER MASTER
KNMTCustomer-Material Info Record Data TableCUSTOMER MASTER
KNB5Customer Master Dunning DataCUSTOMER MASTER
LFA1Vendor Master (General Section)VENDOR MASTER
LFB1Vendor Master (Company Code)VENDOR MASTER
LFASVendor master (VAT registration numbers general section)VENDOR MASTER
LFB5Vendor master (dunning data)VENDOR MASTER
LFBKVendor Master (Bank Details)VENDOR MASTER
LFBWVendor master record (withholding tax types) XVENDOR MASTER
LFM1Vendor master record purchasing organization dataVENDOR MASTER
LFM2Vendor Master Record: Purchasing DataVENDOR MASTER
WYT1TVendor Sub Range DescriptionVENDOR MASTER
WYT3Partner FunctionsVENDOR MASTER
LFC1Vendor master (transaction figures)VENDOR MASTER
T078KTransaction-dependent screen selection for vendor masterVENDOR MASTER
LFC3Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures)VENDOR MASTER
MARAGeneral Material Data  MATERIAL MASTER
MAKTMaterial DescriptionsMATERIAL MASTER
MARCPlant Data for MaterialMATERIAL MASTER
MARDStorage Location Data for MaterialMATERIAL MASTER
MARMUnits of Measure for Material  MATERIAL MASTER
MVKESales Data for MaterialMATERIAL MASTER
MLANTax Classification for MaterialMATERIAL MASTER
MLGTMaterial Data for Each Storage TypeMATERIAL MASTER
MTQSSMaterial master view: QMMATERIAL MASTER
MKPFHeader: Material DocumentMATERIAL MASTER
MKALProduction Versions of MaterialMATERIAL MASTER
MLGNMaterial Data for Each Warehouse NumberMATERIAL MASTER
MOFFOutstanding Material Master RecordsMATERIAL MASTER
MSEGDocument Segment: MaterialMATERIAL MASTER
MEANInternational Article Numbers (EANs) for MaterialMATERIAL MASTER