Advanced Tips and Tricks Using BEx Analyzer and BEx Query Designer

This presentation will let you learn advanced tips and tricks in BEx Query Designer and BEx Analyser. You will also gain insight into the advanced features, understand the obscure features, and learn how BExGetData works with given examples and demo. The topics covered overall are:

  • Advanced features of Query Designer
  • Creating Interactive Reports using BEx Analyzer
  • Advanced formatting features of BEx Analyzer
  • 2 Properties and 2 Settings in BEx Analyzer

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Web Services and the SAP Web Application Server

In this paper, the term Web Service itself as the related terms WSDL, UDDI and SOAP are described to give an impression about the basic technologies in the field of Web Services.

Furthermore, information will be presented how to implement Web Services on a J2EE platform. Finally, the paper illustrates how to modify the J2EE view on Web Services in order to port them to the SAP Web Application Server. Read more

BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals

BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals provides key terms and concepts BI Power Users need to understand prior to creating an ad hoc query in BEx Query Designer.

BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals are organized in multiple sections.  Each section will build on the concepts covered in previous Fundamentals topics:

  • BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals – Part I: Provides an overview of basic key terms and concepts BI Power Users need to understand prior to creating a basic ad hoc query in BEx Query Designer. This section covers key terms and concepts of Key Figures, Dimensions, Characteristics, Free Characteristics, Attributes and Filters
  • BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals – Part II: Builds on the key terms and concepts covered in BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals – Part I. This section covers key terms and concepts of Key Figure Properties, Restricted Key Figures, Caharacteristic Properties and Variables
  • BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals – Part III: Builds on the key terms and concepts covered in BEx Ad Hoc Query Fundamentals – Part I and Part II. This section covers key terms and concepts of Compound Characteristics, Hierarchy Characteristics, Hierarchy Characteristic Properties, Hierarchy Variables, Basic Formulas, Ad Hoc Query Dates, Key Date

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Daily BW Systems Checklist

This list of transactions is designed to guide a Basis Admin team member through the process of keeping tabs on major systems issues and root cause issues and trends for each system in the landscape.

This will only identify and help triage issues to Helpdesk, Infrastructure, OS team or DBA team, Basis or functional developers or whomever…but guarantees that each system in a landscape gets a regular, weekly look. The goal is to eliminate root causes of repeating issues. Read more

Using Master Data in Business Intelligence

Master data is reference data about an organization’s core business entitles. These entities include people (customers, employees, suppliers), things (products, assets, ledgers), and places (countries, cities, locations). The applications and technologies used to create and maintain master data are part of a master data management (MDM) system. MDM, however, involves more that applications and technologies, it also requires an organization to implement policies and procedures for controlling how master data is created and used. Read more

Web Dynpro: Context Mapping and Model Binding

With the launch of the NetWeaver platform, SAP introduces a new framework for developing browser based user interfaces, Web Dynpro. As it claims to be the user interface technology for all applications within the scope of NetWeaver, it comprises many complex concepts, such as a generic, platform independent meta model oriented on the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern.

Web Dynpro allows the separation of design decisions, navigation issues and data modelling, which includes the concepts to store and transport data inside an application. Context Mapping and Model Binding, mentioned in the title, are twomechanismfor data passing inWeb Dynpro. Nevertheless this paper focuses not only on these issues, but also explains the basic principles concerning data management. Read more

How to Load a Flat File in SAP BI Integrated Planning Using BEx

SAP NetWeaver BI Integrated Planning now has the ability to allow users to upload data directly into transactional cubes. The solution outlined in this paper provides a how-to guide to use flat file upload functionality in BEx. It also shows step-by-step how to use a query to preview the data uploaded before deciding whether to save (write) the data to the target cube. This is basically replicating the BPS file upload functionality in IP. The solution depicted in this paper provides the user with the familiarity of BEx, but with the flexibility of Integrated Planning. Read more