SAP Visual Composer : Introduction, Architecture And Opportunities

Visual Composer has been a packaged component of SAP NetWeaver 2004 since its release in 2005. SAP has hailed Visual composer as the tool set that “lets IT Specialists and Business Analysts create model-based, flexible applications – quickly, without writing a single line of code. The result is streamlined business processes, lower IT development costs, and satisfied employees and customers.” This is a quite appealing statement as lifting the reliance on programmers and having satisfied employees and customers must be every manager’s dream. However, many questions remain.

  • What exactly is Visual Composer?
  • Is it really possible to get away with “no coding” – i.e. should you sack all your ABAP and web programmers?
  • How does it work?
  • What are its limitations?
  • And most importantly what are some of the potential opportunities Visual Composer opens up in your organisation?

This document aims to help you to answer these questions.

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Currency Translation: Step by Step Guide

Currency translation allows you to translate key figures with currency field that are present at the InfoProvider level with different currencies to a specific currency on the fly while executing the report. It can also be used in transformation rules to translate the amount key figures with different currencies to a standard currency while loading the data into BW data targets. The document explains the step by step procedure to implement the currency translation scenario.

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Guided Procedures Video Tutorials

Usage Guide for Guided Procedures

This paper provides guidelines when using Guided Procedures on SAP NetWeaver 7.0. It includes typical business scenarios and recommendations when building processes, blocks, and callable objects.


Typical business scenarios for Guided Procedures

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Configuring Debug in Netweaver 04

Before any debugging can take place Server Node of J2EE cluster must first switched to debug mode
There are 2 ways of debugging

1) Temporary:For temporary switched debug mode ON using J2EE engine view in NWDS
2) Permanent.For permanent switched debug moce ON using J2EE Visual Administrator

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SAP Netweaver Trial Downloads

SAP NetWeaver 7.01 – ABAP Trial Version(2.8 Gb)

This package comes with SAP’s robust ABAP server. It also includes the Web Dynpro for ABAP development environment including reusable user interface elements and other UI services, such as F4-help. Web Dynpro is SAP’s standard UI technology for developing business applications.

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