Edit on Open Purchasing Documents for Assets

A new system edit in AS02 – Change Asset checks for open (including held) purchasing documents when the account assignment is being changed.

There are two messages that may be received:

  • Asset cannot be changed. Purchase Requisition exists.
  • Asset cannot be changed. Purchase Order exists.

The purchasing document line must be deleted before the asset master can be updated, and a new line must be added to the purchasing document after the asset master has been changed to derive the new account assignment. In the event a purchase order was created with reference to a purchase requisition, the message will indicate a requisition exists, but the line item on both documents must be deleted before the asset master can be updated. Read more

What Controlling Is Not?

In order to better understand what Controlling module is, have a look at what it is not;

CO is not just costs.Many people mistakenly think that CO stands for cost management. While the controlling module does support cost management, it certainly is not limited to cost management. Much of the profitability reporting resides in the CO module.

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Practical Guide for SAP Controlling (German Language E-Book)

practical-guide-to-sap-controllingThis is a 363 pages German language book which will guide you to practice SAP Controlling with the following chapters;

  • I. Introduction to the Controlling
  • II Organizational Structure
  • III Controlling Overview
  • IV Product Cost Planning
  • V Profitability Analysis
  • VI Authorization Check

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Migration from Classic General Ledger to New General Ledger

New Functionality in the New General Ledger

  • Segment Reporting

Segment reporting is a legal requirement in many countries. US GAAP, and IFRS require a segment to be reported if the total external revenue of the segment exceed 10% of the total revenue. They also require to report income statement and balance sheet to be reported by segment. The big change in Segment reporting is that there is now a separate filed in the Profit Center master record. Read more

Why Use New General Ledger

The following table gives the business requirements at the backend which prompts the finance department of the comapny to go for NEW GL implementation.

S.N Business Requirements New GL Functionality
1 Reporting as per different GAAP Concept of multile ledgers- leading and non leading ledgers
2 Unified Mangement & legal reporting Profit Centre integrated with the New ledger
3 Requirement of segmental reporting(in line with US GAAP) Segment can be defined as an enterprise element
4 Financial statement below company code level Document spilt functionality
5 Reporting as per cost of sales accounting Functional area included

Each one of these functionality is unique and elaborate and has the features ingrained to meet the different requirements emerging for the external reporting purpose.

Reconciliation and Documents Guide in SAP

This material provides information about the reconciliation of financial transactions using R/3 reports, including the GAP procedures that must be followed. It also provides details for common R/3 documents that are displayed via the report drill-down function, such as Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments, Imprest Cash, Journal Entries, and Internal Orders. The content includes a list of document types to help in the report drill-down function and what data are available for the most common documents. Various ways to research these documents in R/3 are also covered. Read more

Budget Balance Reports in SAP FI

After viewing this presentation you will be able to view available budget balance reports in SAP Financials

Understand the SAP Financials Coding
Display fund center information
Check whether budgets have been updated and the available balance has been affected (ZFD1)
Check current budget and available budget on the budget report(ZFB1)
Check original / revised budget at the department level(ZFBC)
Check the available cash for your Foundation fund.(ZFTB) Read more