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What is an Infotype?

HR master data normally contain large volumes of information (personal as well as employment related) per employee in the organization. Since the data volume is so large, this information is stored in data groups, in SAP. An ‘Infotype’ is one such data group. (For example, since city, street, and street number are part of the address of an employee’s bank, they are saved (along with other data) in the Infotype Bank.)

HCM End User Manuals

Find below end user guides for the following processes

  • Change House Building Loan
  • Create Income Text Data
  • Creat Cycle Loan/Installment/Interest/Repayment
  • Posting of Payroll Results to GL Account

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HR/Payroll Integration with ERP Financials

With this presentation you will learn the key integration points between the HR/Payroll functions and Financials, understand the fundamentals for the transfer between payroll and financials and useful tips for configuration. Followings topics to be covered;

  • Understanding How Payroll Updates FI/CO
  • Utilizing the Payment Program
  • Mapping Payroll Components to FI/CO
  • Defining Third-Party Remittance Components
  • Narrowing in on Tax Authorities
  • Reconciling Using the Payroll Reconciliation Report

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University Resources for SAP Tutorials

Because I’m a college student, it has been many times i have collected useful course documents from other college’s sites to make my study easier. Well, this is valid for improving my SAP knowledge also though this is uncommon for many practicers. There are a plenty of University resources that you can benefit at the utmost. Recently you must have seen SAP Online Training sites provide interactive user guides which are created by Adobe Captivate application. Like Michaelmanagement provides, you can view the demo. This tool also tempts my interest, to create certification tests, end-user guides and presentations. Read more

SAP HR End User Training Manuals

It is a indeed hard to find end-user training materials throughout web for your HR practice and study. Best reference for getting bits is SDN HCM Wiki Pages and answes to your HR related questions is SDN HCM Forums. Besides you can find here end-user training manuals that will guide you through procedural instructions for inputting and managing data in SAP HR module. Covered topics are;

  • Chapter 1 – HR Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Organizational Management
  • Chapter 3 – New Hire Actions
  • Chapter 4 – Other Personnel Actions
  • Chapter 5 – Benefits Management
  • Chapter 6 – Human Resource Reporting

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SAP HR Learning Guide for Beginners

This training tutorial is designed to help human resources (HR) administrators and executives, IT developers and members of the SAP ecosystem to oversee and utilize SAP HR, not only as a collection of tools but also as a single platform for monitoring, managing and analyzing an organization’s human resources. Navigate through the sections of this guide in order to understand the full organizational scope of human resources and get tips for SAP HR planning. Decide whether a business case for SAP HR exists in your organization; plan an SAP HR implementation; manage employees; build in organizational controls; discover powerful tips and tricks for executing SAP HR projects on the ground; prepare yourself for an SAP HR interview, SAP HR certification questions, or an SAP HR test; and kick-start human resources training. Read more

SAP E-Recruiting Definitions

Formal request by the manager to the recruiter to find potential candidates for one or more vacant positions. The requisition is an internal document determining the positions for which candidates are to be sought, the requirements which candidates must fulfill, and how the candidate search will be performed.

Support Team
The support team is the group of persons involved in processing a requisition, application. Read more