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SAP HR Recruitment End User Manual

In this SAP HR Recruitment End User Tutorial Guide, you will find step by step usage methodologies with screenshots and explanatory instructions for each of the following processes stated below;

  • Maintain Vacancy [PO13]
  • Maintain Advertisement [PBAW]
  • Maintain Applicant Data [PB40]
  • Selection Procedure [PBAE]
  • List of Standard Recruitment Reports

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Important Time Management Infotypes and Transactions

The Time Management component in SAP offers the user to support in performing all human resources processes involving the  time  recording,  leave management system and valuation of employees? work performed and absence times.

See below list of important Time Management related Infotypes and Transactions used in SAP

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SAP HR Time Management End User Manual

In this SAP HR End User Manual, you will find step by step usage methodologies with screenshots and explanatory instructions for each of the following processes stated below;

  • Work Schedule Rule
  • Date Specifications
  • Time Recording Info
  • Maternity protection
  • Quota Generation (PT_QTA00)
  • Process of creating leave
  • Process of seeing the leaves availed
  • Absences Quota
  • Quota Correction through Infotype 2013
  • Attendance Infotype (IT 2002)
  • Substitution Infotype (IT 2003)
  • Time Events – Infotype 2011
  • Personal Work Schedule [PT63]
  • Quota Overview [PT50]
  • Leave Balance Report [PT_QTA10]
  • Absence Data : Calendar view [PT90]
  • Generate Work Schedule [PT01]
  • Fast Entry Time Data [PA71]

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Dynamic Actions Tips and Tricks | SAP HR

Dynamic Actions are statements executed automatically by the SAP R/3 system during the maintenance mode of infotypes. You may write your own dynamic actions (stored in table T588Z) in order to trigger activities automatically linked to infotype maintenance.

In this article some important tips and tricks are covered related to dynamic actions that will allow you to write correct actions and avoid mistakes commonly made by consultants. You are assumed to be familiar with the basics of dynamic actions.
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Time Management Made Easy | SAP HR

An important and complicated part of the SAP HR module is its Time Evaluation component. In a company, there may be employees working on monthly salary. Such employees may be eligible for a fixed monthly salary and the actual times worked on each day (or breaks within working hours) may not be important for salary calculation.

In this article, three different scenarios within Time Management will be examined.

  • Without Time Evaluation (and Without Time Recording)
  • With Time Evaluation Along With Time Recording
  • Using Time Evaluation Without Time Recording

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Free HR User Tutorials from SAP Journals You Should Not Miss!

Following @MGILLET on Twitter, i have noticed two great links to SAP HCM tutorials provided by him. If you have not seen yet, i had created a limited list of SAP People to Follow on Twitter topic for your reference a while ago. So what you will find in these tutorials ? Following are the titles from the documents:

  • Identify Locked Personnel Numbers before Executing Payroll Runs
  • Using Variants for Simplifying Data Input – A Guide for SAP HR Users and Consultants
  • Quickly Access Complex IMG Paths via Direct Transaction Codes
  • Time Evaluation Made Easy
  • Employee Quick Search Shortcut Strings
  • Recording Changes Made in Personnel Development Infotypes
  • Dynamic Actions – Valuable Tips and Tricks

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SAP HR Training and Event Management User Manual

The Training and Event Management component has a wide range of powerful functions to enable you to plan and manage all kinds of business events from training events to conventions simply and efficiently.

Its flexible reporting and appraisal functions  provide you with important decision support feedback to ensure that the business events you offer are both high quality and effective. Read more