10 Steps to MRP Configuration Guide in SAP PP

In this SAP PP Configuration Guide, you will find following main steps required to configure Material Requirements Planning (MRP);

  1. Create/Maintain Plant Parameters for MRP (OPPQ)
  2. Maintain MRP Group Parameter (OPPR)
  3. Activate MRP and Set Up Planning File (OMDU)
  4. Order type Parameter (OPJH)
  5. Order type dependent Parameter (OPL8)
  6. Define Production Scheduling Profile (OPKP)
  7. Scheduling Profile (OPU3)
  8. Control Key (OP00)
  9. Availability Check Parameter (OPJK)
  10. Confirmation Parameter(OPK4)

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SAP MRP BBP Sample for Machining Industry

Specialized for custom gearing and power transmission products (machining) manufacturer company, this SAP MRP BBP document outlines as-is and to-be model for the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) process.

  • As-Is Process
  • Core to Be Process
  • Carrying out the MRP run
  • MRP Process Flow
  • Changes to Existing Organization
  • Description of Improvements and Key Metrics

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SAP PP Sample Configuration Guide for Rubber&Plastic Manufacturing Industry

The objective of this configuration document is to provide important configuration details of the Production Planning module in SAP System. Specialized for Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing Industry, this guide provides step-by-step instructions for following topics:

  • Define Unit of Measurements
  • Define PP Related Enterprise Structure
  • Define Attributes of Material Types, Assign Number Range to Material Types, Define Material Groups
  • Maintain Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Configure Work Centers
  • Manage Routings
  • MRP Planning: Define Strategy Group, Define MRP Groups, Define MRP Controllers, Define Special Procurement Types, Define Lot Size Calculation, Define Availability Check for Components,
  • Configure Shop Floor Control

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SAP PP Configuration Guide: Step by Step

This document consists of a comprehensive configuration guides of Production Planning, based on SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 (ECC 6.0). The screenshots and menu paths are updated to the latest version.

  • Define Standard Value Key
  • Define Capacity Planner Group
  • Define Formula for Resource
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
    • Carry Out Overall Maintenance of Plant Parameters
  • Maintain Master Data: Floats.
    • Maintained Planned Order: Conversion.
  • Maintained Planned Order: Dept Reqmt Availibility.
    • Defining BOM and Routing Selection
  • Activating MRP and Setting Up Planning File
  • Process Order
  • Define: Order Type
    • Define Order Type-Dependent Parameters
  • Availability Check
  • Define: Checking Rule
    • Define: Scope of check
    • Define: Checking Control
    • Define: Specify Scheduling Parameters
    • Define Availability of Stock in Transfer/Blocked Stock/Restricted
    • Defining Rescheduling Check
    • Defining Error Processing in Planning Run
    • Defining External Procurement
    • Defining Line Item Number
  • Confirmation
    • Defining Valuation of Goods Received
    • Planning Horizon for Plant
    • Defining Receipt Elements for Receipt Days’ Supply

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Beginner’s Guide to Variant Configuration in SAP (With a Sample Scenario)

This user manual provides the configuration guide and application of variant configuration in SAP Production Planning. Following procedures are covered in this guide:

  • Scenario
  • Configuration
    • Create Characteristics
    • Create Class
    • Creating a configurable material
    • Create a Super BOM
    • Create Configuration Profile
    • Assign Object Dependencies to the items in the Super BOM
    • Create Precondition and Selection Condition dependencies
    • Super Routing
    • Configuration Test T-Code CU50
  • Business Process
    • Sales Order
    • MRP Run
    • Creating Outbound Delivery
    • Creating Transfer Order for Delivery to pick the material

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SAP PP Presentation Set: Introduction to Basics

This slide based training set provides general information on the SAP Production Planning module, covering functionality and processes, followed by a detailed introduction to the most important master data objects.

  • Organizational Structure Overview of SAP PP Module
  • Manufacturing Methods in SAP PP: Discrete, Repetitive and Process Manufacturing Overview
  • Planning Strategies: Make to Order, Make to Stock, Planning with Final Assembly
  • PP Master Data Overview
  • Planning Process: SOP & Demand Management
  • Production Execution Overview
  • Production Planning Overview: MRP and Capacity Planning

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SAP PP MRP User Training Document

In SAP, MRP is run for generating Vendor Schedules. This document will show process in SAP for Production plan to material receive from vendors through SAP system. Though out the document, Production plan is prepared on the basis of exemplary delivery schedules with the following list of preparation steps:

  • Open Purchase Requisition: When we will run MRP old PR will be deleted automatically.
  • Open Purchase Orders: We will close old Purchase Orders.
  • Open Schedule Lines in Scheduling Agreements
  • Open Production Orders: All old unused Production Orders will be closed
  • Open Planned Orders: old Planned Orders will be closed
  • Reorganizing Independent Requirements
  • Independent Requirements reorganization
  • Recorg. Independent Requirements
  • Delete Planned Independent Requirements
  • Create (Planned Independent Requirements ) Production Plan in SAP System
  • and Finally run MRP with tcode MD02

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