Useful SAP R/3 Procedures

Below you will find some tips and tricks which are for commonly used procedures in SAP and that will save your time. Mainly the topics are;

  • User File Capture of SAP Print Spool Output
  • Determining Where a Field is Used
  • System Access to Logical Databases
  • Listing Standard SAP Reports Listing Reports by Group
  • Listing the Reports Tree
  • Make a Text File of an ABAP Program
  • Exporting a Report Writer Report

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ASAP – Accelerated SAP – Project Implementation

SAP Project Implementation is made simple by a methodology-package that is provided named ASAP (Accelerated SAP). This paper consists of three components: (1) ASAP Roadmap, (2) Tools, (3) R/3 Services & Training.
You will further explore what the three components consist of and how they help expedite the implementation process for each SAP Client.


  • Project Preparation
  • Business Blueprint
  • Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go-live, support, and continuous improvement

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Comprehensive SAP Configuration Guide

This is the most comprehensive Customization Guide i have ever met which consists of step step advise for each topics with screen prints and very clear definitions under:

  • General Settings

Define Countries, Set Currencies, Set Calendar etc…

  • Enterprise Structure

Define Company, Maintain Controlling Area, Define Location, Maintain Sales Office, Maintain Storage Location, Assign Company code to company/credit control area/controlling area, Assign Plant to Company code, Assign Sales Organization to Company code, Assign Purchasing Organization to Company code etc…

  • Logistics-General

Configuring Material Master,Field Selection, Maintain Company Codes for Materials Management, Material Types, Define Material Groups/Divisions/Material Statuses/Number Ranges for EANs/UPCs (Barcode), Maintain Authorizations and Authorization Profiles etc…

SAP Introduction For Beginners

This is a very detailed presentation you will get all basics of SAP within compiled of 147 slides.Covered contents in brief

Introduction to SAP
History of SAP, Evolution of SAP
SAP R/3 Architecture
SAP R/3 Modules
SAP Product Overview
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In this paper following topics covered with Questions and Answer in detail,very useful for beginners;

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Useful Tables and Functional Modules(Updated)


  1. To find all the tables used in a transaction use table : D010TAB (Get the main program of the transaction from SE93)
  2. To find all the tables which contains a specific field use table : DD03L ( For text DD03T)
  3. To find all the segments that contains a specific fields use table : EDSAPPL
  4. To find all the Idoc basic type that contains a specific segment use table: IDOCSYN
  5. To find all the Idoc extensions that contains a specific segment use table: CIMSYN
  6. To find all the parameter Id Use table : TPARA
  7. To get the main program of a include use FM : RS_GET_MAINPROGRAMS Read more