How to Start a Successful SAP Career

Before you start thinking of starting a career in SAP, you need to ask yourself “Why do I want to be an SAP consultant?”. If your only goal is money then you need to think twice. Just like everything else, success comes by putting in some effort and a career in SAP is no different.

A career in SAP can be very rewarding. To list just a couple rewards

You get paid a very good salary.
You get the opportunity to work with the best companies.

That is why you get a lot of people asking the questions.

  • How do I become an SAP consultant ?
  • Is SAP good for me ?
  • How do I get job in SAP?

James from SAP Unveiled will be releasing a series of articles to answer these questions and many more. Click here to read the first article.


Understanding SAP Transaction Codes Structures

I have come up to another very informative document about the transaction codes that SAP Beginners will find interesting notes. Actually my curiosity increases about the author of this document, M Rajagopalan, coz I ve seen his name on many useful SAP related documents but no chance to meet any of his profile on web. I would rather want to know more about him. Anyway, regarding the document you will find following notes;

  • How to display all transaction code in SAP
  • Use of Command Line
  • Determining transaction code
  • and the most useful part that you will understand the structure of What is Naming Standarts of Transaction Codes ?
  • Miscellanous configuration transactions

Read more


SAP Controlling (CO) Business Blueprint Sample

SAP Business Blueprint is the 2nd project phase which provides a comprehensive view of main business processes in a 5 phase SAP Implementation. Questionnaires are used to prepare a SAP Business Blueprint with collecting some information to meet business requirements.In case you have not seen yet, you can also download Finance Business Blueprint sample from my site.

In this document, you will find a SAP Controlling Business Blueprint sample. You will find AS IS (The current process used in sysyem ) and TO BE ( new process to be used after new system implementation ) and Gap Anaylsis for each covered business processes. Read more

Common Confusions about SAP Terms&Versions Changes

For a newbie one of the tough thing is to stay up to date with the recent SAP versions and name changes. As a beginner, I also had some difficulty and been confused with the releases of the SAP. Do not feel yourself alone for this issue, as many complains arises for the naming scheme changes by users. I might still being  confused, so please correct me if the following list is wrong.

Old Term New Term
Netweaver 2004s Netweaver 7.0 (2004s) Or only Netweaver 7.0
mySAP ERP 2005(runs on Netweaver 2004s) SAP ERP 6.0
SAP Solution Manager 2004 SAP Solution Manager 2007
SAP Netweaver BI SAP Netweaver BW
Business Intelligence Accelerator  (BIA) Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA)

Note that the table above shows only name changes, not upgrade or updates. Besides i also want to point out that Netweaver 2004 and Netweaver 2004s are also not the same!

I should definitely suggest you reading A Guide to SAP Terms document written by Jon Reed , you can also follow Jon on Twitter


Best of SAP Sites OPML for your Reader

Since i created a directory for SAP related blogs, i pay more attention on exploring and visiting new, fresh and frequently updated sites. But by time it becomes harder to keep all posts and inevitably you may miss some good posts.

Many of you know me personally, from my about page or from some talks i made in posts, I’m a self-taught SAP aspirant. And also because of being a blogger, i have to track other SAP blogs to improve my SAP knowledge and deliver them to you. At the beginning, yes it was too much time-consuming to follow updates of other sites but not anymore. So what is the solution ? Read more

Back to Basics: What is IDES ?

The International Demonstration and Education System (IDES) contains a fully-fledged model company that has been set up in an R/3 System. The IDES corporate group comprises a number of companies, each with predefined business tasks. All of these companies can be used individually, or in interaction with each other, to demonstrate how the R/3 System is integrated, and the range of functions that are available. Read more

Strategies and Techniques to Successful SAP Consulting

This e-book, written by an SAP Consultant who has worked for nineteen years as a freelancer, provides you most important strategies and behaviors to consider and implement in your daily consulting life. Some of highlights covered in book are as:

  • Know the basics of the IT development process
  • Be a Problem Solver
  • Be Flexible
  • Know Your Limitations
  • Work Hard, Play Hard Too and so on…

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