Migrating Fixed Assets into SAP

This document will discuss loading fixed assets using the standard load program RAALTD01, although two alternatives are briefly discussed. You will also be guided for how to overcome the common problems in migrating fixed assets into SAP. Following are covered in this guide;

  • Load Methods (BDC recording of transaction AS91, Business object BUS1022, Standard load program RAALTD01)
  • Data structures in the asset load program RAALTD01 – BALTD and BALTB
  • Common problems (Alpha conversion, Missing customising, Legacy asset number, NBV – Net book value, Time-dependent data, Mid-year asset migration, Assets created in this year, Asset disposals, Depreciation areas

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SAP BAPI Training Document for Beginners

SAP BAPI (Business API) Definition: BAPI is a set of interfaces that allow third-party developers to access to processes and data in SAP R/3 Modules.

In this document author collects various information, creates BAPI tutorials with screenshots, and states important points that every beginner should know. Not covered in this document but it will be also useful for you to check and download SAP BAPI List.  Following are some highlights from this 41 pages BAPI guide material:

  • Benefits of BAPI
  • BAPI Conventions
  • Important points to follow when developing a BAPI
  • Define a structures for the BAPI
  • Create the API Method Using the BAPI Wizard

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Yet Another Great Step by Step LSMW Tutorial

In an SAP R/3 implementation the data from legacy system (non SAP R/3) needs to be transferred to the SAP system. Periodic data transfer between R/3 and other system (interfacing) is also required. Both of the above form a part of data migration. In SAP, known tools for data migration are:

  • BDC (Batch Data Communication)
  • LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench)

This document presents high level view of LSMW and to provides you information about how to use this functionality. Following are the headlines from this study material:

  • Difference between BDC & LSMW
  • What is LSMW ? Principles, Features and Pre-Requisities for LSMW
  • Import methods defined: IDOC’ s,BAPI’s, Standart/Direct Input, Batch Input
  • Step by step procedures for using conversion tool LSMW
  • Step by step procedures for Direct Input Method, Batch Input Method, BAPI in LSMW and so on..

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Definition, Integration and Advantages of BAPI

The SAP Business Objects held in the Business Object Repository (BOR) encapsulate their data and processes. External access to the data and processes is only possible by means of specific methods – BAPIs (Business Application Program Interfaces). A BAPI is defined as a method of a SAP Business Object. For example, the functionality that is implemented with the SAP Business Object type “Material” includes a check for the material’s availability. Thus, the Business Object type “Material” offers a BAPI called “Material.CheckAvailability”. Read more

BAPI Tutorial

A Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) is a precisely defined interface providing access to processes and data in business application systems such as R/3. BAPIs are defined as API methods of SAP Objects. These objects and their BAPIs are described and stored in the Business Object Repository (BOR).

BAPIs can be called within the R/3 System from external application systems and other programs. A BAPI call can either be made as an object oriented method call or as a remote function call (RFC). BAPIs are a global communication standard for business applications. Read more

ABAP Training Slides for Beginners

Get the basics and most important aspects of ABAP with this presentation package.Contents covered;

Introduction to ABAP
Data Types in ABAP
Internal Tables
Statements in ABAP
Open SQL
SAP Authorizations
Subroutines in ABAP Programming
Events in ABAP Programming
User Dialogs-List Programming
User Dialogs- ALV Programming
User Dialogs- Dialog Programming
REUSE Components-Fn Grps and Fn. Modules
REUSE Components-BAPIs
DB Lock Concept in SAP
User Exits
SAP BDC Recording

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BAPI Function Module in ABAP Reporting

This is an howto guide using BAPI function module in ABAP reporting.


Business Object Repository
BOR Definition
Selecting The BAPI
ABAP Report using BAPI
Testing the Report Read more