SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Collections – Part 2

Last week, i started a series for SAP Press Book’s sample chapters which are freely available. Not in any particular order, I will provide you descriptions and download links of each chapters available for direct download.

This week you will find links for Exceptions and Error handling in ABAP, a brief guide to Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT), Workflow Administration in SAP, SQL usage in SAP and Reporting Guide in SAP HR. Hope even the sample chapters would be useful for you.

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Master Data Uploads Using CATT Tool

This article explains the steps involved for uploading of master data & cutover open items by using CATT tool, which will be useful for the functional consultants with out the help of writing BDC program by the ABAP consultant.
As this CATT tool got so many advantages like:

  1. Which can be used with out any ABAP coding,
  2. Save the time at the time of implementations/ upload scenarios.
  3. Which can by done by functional consultants with out any ABAP consultants help
  4. Which can be uploaded from Development client to Testing client to get the testing sign-off and can be directly uploaded in to Production client from Development as well.
  5. To upload from Dev to Prod client we need to check RFC settings at basis module level. At t code: SCC4 this setup should be there.

The objective of this article is to explain you on step by step process to upload master data / open item data at cutover time by functional consultant himself.

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