Free Configuration Staff for FICO Consultants

Well, i guess almost all FICO Consultants must have heard about site. It is the one of the most popular site selling Configuration Staff like site does. When you browse their site you may not find any link to download sample documents visible, they only provide with email. Using my Google Search tricks i have explored some hidden gems on site. When i check the dates files uploaded, so i thought they can’t be unaware of this issue. You can read my Google Search tips article if you want to find the documents hosted on site, but i will provide you here direct links. So lets start;

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Comprehensive SAP Query User Guide

This paper makes an expedition to the electric data repository of the company, the data warehouse, possessing an objective to extract the desired, hidden data from the system and finally represent it on a single report. A specific focus will be on the SAP Query-tool; blessing for those you do not have the talent to utilise the complicated ABAP-coding.SAP Query tools enable the end-user to select desired data from the system, make simple calculations and then present this data on a report. But is the Query tool powerful enough to correspond to the demanded requirements?

Illustrated by a case study and screenshots, the paper explains how, when and by whom the query-function is used, what possibilities it offers, what other options it has and finally evaluates the pros and cons of the tool. The acquired information will later be applied to other processes, possessing an objective to speed up the evaluation of the duration of the processes, calculations of their costs, and to further provide the customers more accurate information.

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