Extensive SAP Smartforms Training Material

Smartform is a template that simplifies the process of designing business forms. You need smartform to print, distribute or display business forms. Smartform tool includes utilities for designing forms and for defining the interface to the application programs that use forms for data output. The output of application data is placed into a dynamically expandable table where the size and layout of the output table is determined by the number of records being retrieved.

Smartforms are used for designing and printing various types of  application documents across the various SAP modules like SD, FI, PU, IM, WM etc. Smartforms are used for mass printing like monthly invoices sent by telecom companies or salary statements.

In this document you will get basic knowledge about 3 components of SAP Smartform: Print Program, Layout Set and Function. After this introduction, you will learn step by step how to develop a smartform. Basic configuration required to do for smartforms is also explained. In presentation you will also find templates to do exercise. And at the end, you will be provided some tips and tricks in smartform as

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A Complete Reference to ABAP Basics

Starting with the definition of R/3 Architecture Components, this document brings you to a complete overview of the almost all ABAP Basics. During the reading you will learn the common statements used in creation of ABAP Screens with given examples and then you will be introduced to Data Dictionary objects. The ongoing topics covered in this document are as follows:

  • Internal Tables : Purpose of Internal Tables, Types, Used System Variables…
  • Subroutines : Statements used in Subroutines…
  • Reports : Types of Reports…
  • Module Pool Programming (MPP) : Events used in MPP, Creation steps of a simple MPP…
  • Menu Painter
  • Batch Data Communication : Methods used in BDC: Direct Input Method, Call Transaction Method and Session Method…
  • LSMW ( Legacy System Migration Workbench) : Steps required to create LSMW
  • SAPScript : Components of SAPScript
  • Smartforms : Advantages, Components and Navigation Settings of Smartforms

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How to Migrate SAPscript Forms to SAP Smart Forms

If you have many forms already built in SAPscript, you may migrate them into Smart Forms to avoid building the Smart Forms from scratch and save development time. Two types of migration are available: individual migration and mass migration. You can migrate a SAPscript form into a Smart Form and convert a SAPscript style into a Smart Style.

Smart Styles contain the formatting information for the text. In Smart Style, you take the smaller components (paragraph and character formats) for conversion individually, whereas for Smart Forms, you take the entire Smart Form for conversion. Each conversion of a Smart Form requires a separate conversion of the accompanying Smart Style; some of the steps, however, are the same. The first phase of the migration is the download. Use program RSTXSCRP to download SAPscripts to your local hard disk Read more

SAP Smart Forms Advantages over SAPscripts

Introduced with SAP 4.6c release, Smartforms is a tool to create and maintain reports.  SAPscript is the classic form processing tool. Compared each other, Smart forms have the following advantages;

  • With Smart Forms it is easier to customize forms with more functionalities, ie table creation with Table Painter.
  • SAP Smart Forms objects are repository objects and are connected to the transport system to ensure that a transport to the production system is possible
  • Unlike SAPscript, you do not have to know scripting commands to  to perform your tasks. ABAP codes also can be used in Smart Forms.
  • Multiple page formats are available in Smartforms which is not in SAPscript.
  • Routines can be written in Smart Forms tool.
  • Smart Forms generate a functional key when activated.
  • You can download Smart Forms to your local hard disk in XML format

Smart Forms Tutorial

SAP Smart Forms allow us to execute simple modifications to the form and in the form logic by using simple graphical tools; in 90% of all cases, this won’t include any programming effort. To print a form, you need a program for data retrieval and a Smart Form that contains the entire from logic. As data retrieval and form logic are separated, you must only adapt the Smart Form if changes to the form logic are necessary. For the purpose of demonstrating the power and download capabilities of Smart form, it is created a Smart from named ZSMARTFORM_SWAR. Read more

Introduction to Smartforms


Introduction to SAP SmartForms
Advantages of SAP Smart Forms
A Simple Smartform Tutorial
Difference with SMARTFORMS vs. SapScript(SE71)
FAQ on Migrating SAPscript to SmartForms
SmartForms System Fields
Example Forms Available in Standard SAP R/3
Smart forms Frequently Asked Questions
Smartforms FAQ Part Two
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SAP Smartform Overview Brief


  • Additional Smart Form Information Sources
  • What Skills Do I Need to Work with SAP Smart Forms?
  • What are Smart Forms?
  • Specifics about Smart Form Development
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