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What is XI?

XI nowadays called PI (Process Integration). As it takes the responsibility of process of integrating different SAP and nonSAP systems in the Heterogeneous Landscape (network of different computers). Exchange Infrastructure can be used as a Middleware Engine to communicate in a distributed environment. The heart of XI is Integration Engine that is used for integrating different technologies using Standard Messaging techniques, e.g XML. Different mapping tools are available for mapping the distributed system which can be mapped without having any expertise of Technical Details. As a real world example, XI can be helpful in integrating different banks with SAP R/3. XI Engine also support previous releases of SAP R/3 like 4.6C and have many more adapters to communicate with legacy systems. Read more

Controllers in Web Dynpro for Abap

This material will demonstrate what are the different Controllersin Web Dynpro for ABAP.

  • Controllers are the active parts of a Web Dynpro application.
  • They determine how the user can interact with the Web Dynpro application.
  • The data that a controller can access is defined in the corresponding context. Different instances of controllers and contexts exist within a Web Dynpro application.

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What is Web Dynpro?

Generic Definition : WebDynpro is a great modeling environment whitch stores the user-interface details in the form of metadata. We can write less code and fix bugs in a shorter time with lesser effort. It increases a programmer’s productivity by manifolds.

Webdynpro is nothing but one framework for developement of user interface for use with SAP NetWeaver.It support programming for different platform such as JAVA ,ABAP,.NET .

In case of JAVA webdynpro comes with extensive design tool .Thease tools are based upon Eclipse framework ans SAP’s NWDS Read more

Datastore Objects (DSO ) in SAP BI

A DataStore object serves as a storage location for consolidated and cleansed transaction data or master data on a document (atomic) level.

This data can be evaluated using a BEx query.

A DataStore object contains key fields (such as document number, document item) and data fields that, in addition to key figures, can also contain character fields (such as order status, customer). The data from a DataStore object can be updated with a delta update into InfoCubes (standard) and/or other DataStore objects or master data tables (attributes or texts) in the same system or across different systems. Read more

SAP Business Blueprint:Step by Step Guide

This document is intended to guide you step by step through the Business Blueprint Phase. In our approach Business Blueprinting comprises 3 steps:

  • Collecting requirements
  • Business content check and
  • Data Design

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SAP BW Learning Guide

Business information warehouse (BW) has features like and unlike typical data warehouses. Like most data warehouses, BW is a combination of databases and database management tools that are used to support management decision making. SAP BW is a comprehensive business intelligence product centered around a data warehouse and optimized for SAP’s R/3 environment. SAP BW also includes preconfigured data extractors, analysis and report tools and business process models. It is an integral component of the company’s mySAP Business Intelligence group of products.
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SAP Netweaver Trial Downloads

SAP NetWeaver 7.01 – ABAP Trial Version(2.8 Gb)

This package comes with SAP’s robust ABAP server. It also includes the Web Dynpro for ABAP development environment including reusable user interface elements and other UI services, such as F4-help. Web Dynpro is SAP’s standard UI technology for developing business applications. Read more