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Integrated Upgrade for SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP+Java

For SAP NetWeaver release 7.10 and higher, as well as for all solutions on top of it, SAP provides a new upgrade tool which differs significantly from the previous release upgrade procedures. Yunong Zhangg, product specialist at SAP AG, introduces you the most substantial changes and improvements here. You can also view demo video he prepared to get a better insight of new upgrade tool.

A Comprehensive Guide to SAP Netweaver Visual Composer

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer provides robust functionality for the code-free development of dashboards, cockpits, and rich user interfaces, and also for tuning the performance of the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) queries that supply the data.Key benefits of Visual Composer;

  • Provides a code-free,freestyle modeling environment for rapid application development
  • Enables creation of composite views that can be used as standalone applications or as part of larger composite applications
  • Enables users without specialized software programming skills to easily model business applications

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Alert Configuration in XI

An alert is a notification informing its recipients that a critical or very important situation has arisen. The situation is as severe that an action must be taken immediately in order to resolve the situation. The system recognizes the situation and sends the alert. Alerts can be used to prevent delays in the processing of critical situations, because the time between discovering and responding to such situations is reduced considerably.
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Implementing Enhancements in a view

In this tutorial, you will get to learn about Implementing Enhancements in a Webdynpro View. If you do not wish to display certain UI elements that exist in the layout, you can suppress such elements in your enhancement. The Enhancement can be created using the SAP standard webdynpro applications and custom applications. In this tutorial the enhancement in custom application that should be in display mode and simply select the respective UI element and then choose its context menu entry Remove Element”.
In this demo, a WebDynpro application is executed that already exists. Read more

Guided Procedures Video Tutorials

Usage Guide for Guided Procedures

This paper provides guidelines when using Guided Procedures on SAP NetWeaver 7.0. It includes typical business scenarios and recommendations when building processes, blocks, and callable objects.


Typical business scenarios for Guided Procedures
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Configuring Debug in Netweaver 04

Before any debugging can take place Server Node of J2EE cluster must first switched to debug mode
There are 2 ways of debugging

1) Temporary:For temporary switched debug mode ON using J2EE engine view in NWDS
2) Permanent.For permanent switched debug moce ON using J2EE Visual Administrator Read more