SAP Variant Configuration Guide for Steel Manufacturing Industry

This SAP Variant Configuration document talks about how consultants designing SAP solutions for steel companies have to deal with the additional challenge of managing the master data due to the multitude of features that characterize steel industry products. The large number of product feature combinations translates into massive amounts of products leading to huge master data. The guide then goes on to explain how utilizing SAP variant configuration functionality significantly reduces the master data and facilitates in the master data maintenance. Finally, it covers the factors that played a decisive role in designing the variant configuration functionality for steel manufacturing company, including product structure design, planning strategy design, setting up master data design, costing design and variant pricing design for variant configuration. At the end it provides important transaction codes used in Variant Configuration.

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Customer Rebate Process in SAP S/4HANA: Cookbook for Consultants

In SAP HANA, Rebate agreement process is used maintain special discounts that are paid retroactively to a customer. Rebate agreement creation and subsequent settlement under SD rebate processing in SAP ECC was Sales process specific. SD Rebate processing is not available within SAP S/4 HANA and SAP has brought this under the ambit of Settlement Management under Logistics General in S/4 HANA.
This training book will guide you through the Customer Rebate process flow under Condition Contract Management (CCM). Following configuration topics and end-user guides are covered in the document;

  • Rebate Process in SAP HANA – Introduction
  • Changes identified with respect to SAP Business Suite
  • Key business benefits for S4 HANA
  • Migration to S4 HANA 1610: Prechecks & Post Processing
  • Process Independent Implementation Steps for Rebate Process in SAP HANA (for GUI and FIORI)
  • Process Guide to Condition Contract for Single/Multiple Customer (Including Process Flow Diagrams)
  • Process Guide to Retro Active Condition Contract with Delta Accruals

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Business Partner in SAP S/4HANA: Introductory Presentation

The Business Partner (BP) in SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management is used as leading object for centrally maintaining customer/vendor master data and is the single point of entry to create. With introduction of BP transaction code in SAP S/4HANA, traditional ECC transactions have been deactivated.
In this presentation document, you will get a clear understanding of Business Partner functionality in HANA EM (Enterprise Management);

  • Business Partner Concept in SAP S/4HANA
  • Business Partner Configuration Steps
    • BP Roles & Category
    • BO Role Grouping
    • Number Ranges & Synchronization
    • Account Groups
    • Partner Functions
  • Key Business Partner BP Tables in S/4HANA

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Consultant’s Guide to SAP S/4HANA CVI Configuration

With SAP S/4 HANA customer master data functionality changed and a new tool of Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) is introduced for new brownfield/greenfield implementations.
The following document explains the steps required to configure Business Partner and CVI in SAP S4HANA;

  • Define Number Ranges for Business Partner (BP)
  • Define Account Group and Assign the Number Range to the Account Group for BP Data
  • Create a New Account Grouping for Customer
  • Define Number ranges and Assign the Number range to the Account Group for Customer Data
  • Customer Vendor Integration Configuration
    • Check if Synchronization Objects have been maintained
    • Check for the Active Synchronization Objects
    • Role settings for BP
    • Settings for Customer Integration with BP

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SAP S/4HANA CVI Concept Presentation

This training presentation introduces you the concept of Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) which is mandatory in brownfield implementions that is done during SAP ERP upgrades to SAP S4HANA.

  • BP & CVI in S/4HANA Overview (Business Partner and Customer Vendor Integration)
  • Guide to CVI Synchronization Process
  • Impact on Interfaces in S/4HANA
  • CVI Synchronization Approach and Tips

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Consignment Process in SAP: User Guide for Beginners

A consignment, as a supply chain management strategy, is a transaction in which a wholesaler, manufacturer or other person supplying goods (“consignor”) supplies goods to a vendor (“consignee”) for sale by the consignee without transferring ownership in the consigned goods to the consignee.
In this SAP Consignment document, the instructor provides information about;

  • What is Consignment and How Does It Work?
  • Vendor Consignment Process in SAP MM
  • Customer Consignmen Process in SAP SD

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SAP SD Fundamentals Ebook (622 Pages PDF)

Targetting both Consultants and End Users, This SAP SD Ebook provides step-by-step crystal clear information with screenshots for those who want to learn from very beginning or anyone who would like to improve their skills in SAP SD topics.

  • Organizational Structure in SAP SD
  • Master Data
  • Sales Document Processing
  • Special Sales Document Types
  • Pricing & Condition Technique
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Delivery Process
  • Billing Process
  • Rebate Agreements
  • Tax and Revenue Account Determination
  • Credit Management
  • Standard SD Reports in SAP
  • Commonly Used Transaction Codes in SD
  • Commonly Used Tables in SAP SD
  • Most Common Errors, Scenarios and Their Resolution in SAP SD

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