Beginner’s Training Guide to SAP Variant Configuration

SAP Variant Configuration is a tool which simplifies complex manufacturing of final product more varieties and variation of the input material. The manufacturer is always having to offer new products or models of an existing product. New products are often created by modifying existing product designs. The purpose is to react quickly to customer’s requirement.

This training document will walk you through the steps of building a simple Variant Configuration model with screenshots in detail.

  • Creating Characteristics (CT04)
  • Creating Class (CL02)
  • Creating a Configurable Material
  • Maintaining Configuration Profile (Cu41)
  • Creating Dependencies
  • Variant Conditions in Pricing Procedure

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SAP SD Configuration Document

Previously I have shared another two SAP SD Configuration guide, it is getting hard to find another and another post title :) This one is not as much comprehensive as the previous ones, it does not cover all customization areas of SAP SD but still useful. Following configuration steps are covered in this document;

  • How to configure SAP SD Relevant Organization Units: Creating Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Offices, Sales Group
  • Assigning Organization Units: Assigning Sales Organization with Company code, Assigning Distribution Channel to Sales Organizaion, Assigning Division to Sales Organization, Creating a Sales Area, Assigning Sales Office and Sales Group
  • Preparing system for Master Data Creation and some further end-user processes explained…

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SAP SD Variant Configuration Video Tutorials

Variant Configuration in SAP, was one of the very first thing I learnt during my college’s mandatory training at a furniture manufacturing company. There was the first place I heard about SAP, and where lead me these days :) Maybe late, but I feel lucky to find some video tutorials regarding Variant Configuration which will allow me to understand this process in deep. In this package, you will find 8 video tutorials each covering every bit of Variant Configuration. Covered topics are as follows;

  • Part 1: Setting up the material, and characteristics [CT04]
  • Part2: Maintain Classes [CL02]
  • Part3: Maintain The Configuration Profile [CU41]
  • Part4: Variant Tables [CU60]
  • Part5: Dependency Nets and Constraints [CU21]
  • Part6: Creating the Interface [CU50]
  • Part7: Class Items in BOMs
  • Part8: Setting Bom Quantities

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Step by Step SAP SD Configuration Document

Similar to the SAP SD Configuration Material I shared with you previously, also in this 100 pages document you will find step by step configuration steps detailed in notes with screenshots. Following and more configurations are covered in this guide;

  • Enterprise Structure Configuration:
  • Define Sales Organization, Define Distribution Channel, Define Division, Assign Sales Organization to Company Code, Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Assign Division to Sales Organization…

  • Sales and Distribution Configuration:
  • Define Condition Types, Maintain Pricing Procedure, Assign G/L Accounts, Maintain Output Types, Define Sales Document Types, Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents, Define Item Categories…

  • General Logistics Condiguration:
  • Assign Update Group at Item Level, Assign Update Group at Header Level

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SAP SD Module Notes for Beginner’s

If you are new to SD Module, this document will give you a brief overview about the Organizational Units and Processes of;

  • Enterprise Structure : Company Code, Sales Organization, Sales Area, Distribution Channel…
  • Master Data : Customer Master Data, Material Master Data, Sales Documents, Sales Document Item Category, Availability Check, Backorder Processing, Assembly Processing, Complaints Processing, Consignment Processing, Material Determination, Route Determination,
  • Pricing : Condition Records, Conditions Table, Condition Type, Special Pricing Functions, Tax Determination, Rebate Processing,
  • Billing :  Controlling the Billing Process, Invoice Combination and Invoice Split, Special Billing Type,
  • Account Determination, Usage Areas of Condition Technique

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SAP SD Certification Preparation Document

Similar to Murtaza Habib’s SAP FI Certification Preparation material, this 24 pages document contains self notes that will give you a brief overview of SAP SD certification topics. Author found an interesting way to memorize a list of important info with some fancy words, a poet style :). You will find many of them and the way he used is indeed useful. Of course this is not a stand alone preparation document but a must as an accompanying document that will press on your study progress.
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SAP SD CIN Presentation: Concepts, Configuration and More…

In this presentation you will find a comprehensive content regarding to SAP India localization with respect to Sales And Distribution module. Following are headlines from the document

  • Indian tax structures defined: Direct Taxes (Capital Tax, Personal income tax) and Indirect Taxes ( Excise duties, Sales taxes and Service taxes)
  • Excise duties and Sales taxes defined and differences explained.
  • Types of excise duties: Basic Excise duty, Additional Excise duty, Special Excise duty are explained.
  • Sales Processes are shown in detail: Sales from factory, Sales from Depot…
  • A common word CENVAT is described.
  • Condition based tax procedure TAXINN configuration is shown.
  • Excise Register defined and types of Excise Registers listed.
  • Tax/Excise Duty set up for MM & SD is explained step by step with screenshots.
  • You will be guided through basic settings of Excise Registration ID’s, Company Code, Plant, Excise groups, Series groups, Excise Duty Indicators,
  • CENVAT Utilization explained.

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