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SAP BI – Entreprise Data Warehouse

The Entreprise Data Warehouse is a core component of the SAP Business Intelligence module. One which is vital to keeping the data integrity and stored in an efficient way to for reporting.

You will also learn about the basic functions of a BI consultant and how the Enterprise Data Warehouse is one of the most important tools for you as a Business Intelligence consultant.
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Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence is one of the modules of SAP based on the Netweaver platform. It offers reporting and analysis on a company’s data. Most of the time, this data is in the terabyte range.

Here is a an introduction into SAP Businesss Intelligence and how it helps companies stay ahead of the competition by getting real-time up-to-date reporting.
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Common SAPGUI Problems and Solutions Guide

The purpose of this document is to describe commonly encountered network problems and SAPGUI problems in sufficient detail to allow the Basis analyst or support technician to quickly find solutions and get the user back on line.

  • Desktop Services File Changed or Damaged
  • Incorrect SAP R/3 Hostname or Address
  • Logon Group Configuration Problem
  • Incorrect R/3 System Number
  • Slow SAP GUI Performance on Wide Area Networks
  • Desktop Resources and SAPGUI
  • Password is in the “Exception Table”
  • Determining the version of SAPGUI you are using
  • Using SAPSWEEP to Uninstall old versions of SAPGUI

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Your roadmap to your first SAP job – SAP Unveiled launches

SAP Unveiled launches today and here is what you will find in the member’s area.

Information on how to kick start your SAP career

The second section of the site will cover the aspects of securing your first SAP job and ensuring you can launch your new career in SAP. Here are some of the questions addresed in the second section.

  • How to get affordable online or classroom training in SAP
  • Where did I get my own training in SAP Business Intelligence?
  • Why you should not agree when the experts say certification is absolutely useless.
  • How to write a compelling CV/Resume that stands out from thousands
  • 5 ways to structure elements on your CV to make it 80% more effective
  • How to make your ideal job come looking for you and not the other way around and how this technique is being used by a small number of people to get their dream job.
  • How to make the hiring manager think of you when he is looking to recruit for that new role.

Information on SAP Modules

You need to inform yourself on the SAP modules so you can choose which is right for you. The first module that is covered is the SAP CRM (Customer relationship management) module.

You will learn

  • What background you need to be an SAP CRM consultant
  • How to get the background needed for SAP CRM
  • Why $11 billion will secure the future of CRM consultants
  • Who are the top companies implementing SAP CRM? These are your potential employers
  • Are SAP CRM consultants in demand?
  • How much can you earn as an SAP CRM consultant?
  • Is SAP CRM for you?

You decide what comes next, FICO. HCM, Netweaver etc

These are the questions that I address in the SAP CRM part of the course. New modules will be added frequently and guess who decides which module will be covered next? You.

As you can see, there is so much you will learn in SAP Unveiled, it is only open till Friday 2nd April
so claim your spot before it is too late.

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SAP Unveiled Launches Soon…

Good news! After releasing introductory articles, James from SAP Unveiled launches his service soon. Watch this video to know what advantages, services you will be provided ;)

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How to Find Companies That Will Hire You Without SAP Experience

This is the article that everyone has been waiting for on SAP Unveiled.

Why is this the case? If you have tried to look for SAP jobs on any of the job boards
out there, you will soon notice that there are no jobs for people without years of experience
This is the “chicken and egg” problem that many people face today in starting a new career
or shifting focus to a new career.

The key to doing this is to find companies that will hire you and train you in your desired SAP
module. The most interesting thing about these companies is that they will pay you a salary while you
are being trained. Crazy isn’t it?’

On SAP Unveiled, this article will let you know

  • Why these companies hire people without SAP experience
  • An example of three companies that have the policy of hiring SAP “freshers”

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4 steps to your new SAP job

This is part 2 of the series of articles that are being released on SAP Unveiled. This article takes you through four steps you can take to help you land your first SAP job.

You may have done some form of training or the other and have started looking on the SAP job boards for vacancies. Your frustrations may start to arise when you find out that the companies are looking for SAP consultants with years of experience.

The traditional methods of searching for jobs and blasting out multiple applications in the hope of getting lucky are not as effective anymore. In this article, you will find out

  • How to know if an SAP module fits your background
  • Why the SAP website is not the best place to find information for freshers
  • What the experts are not telling you about getting SAP certification
  • 2 alternatives to an online job board when searching for SAP jobs

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