Workflow Tutorials for Various SAP Modules

Here are documents of workflow on SAP

General Logistics Workflow Scenarios
Integration with SAP Business Workflow
Real Estate Management: Workflow Scenarios
Sales and Distribution (SD) Workflow Scenarios
Treasury: Workflow Scenarios
Cross-Application Components: Workflow Scenarios
Materials Management: Workflow Scenarios
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Step by Step SD Guides

Find below step by step SD user guides

Availability Check Sales
Availability Check Shipping
Billing Creation
Billing Plan
Complaints and Returns
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Make to Order Sim Tutorials

The tutorial focuses on

  • Sales order-independent production by MTS (make-to-stock) production typology
  • The forecast of repetitive manufacturing products with consumption according to customer requirements
  • Make-to-stock production with external processing and subcontracting

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SAP MM-Purchase Requisition (A Good Training Manual)


Purchase Requisitions – Customizing your Desktop Settings
Favorite SettingS
Personal Setting
Default Settings for Purchasing Screens
Creating A Purchase Requisition Use Transaction ME51N
Section 1 ~ Header
Section 2 ~ Item Overview
Section 3 ~ Item Detail
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Materials Management (MM)

One of the main logistic application modules is Materials Management (MM). The MM module is designed to provide information, tracking, controlling, and management on the materials moved in, within, and out of the organization and the valuation of those materials. The MM module does not focus only on materials; it supports externally procured services as well. MM contains components for consumption-based planning, inventory management, purchasing, invoice verification, external service management, and information systems.

Consumption-based planning deals with stock replenishment utilizing material requirements planning (MRP), determining lot-sizing procedures, and performing forecasting, potentially with formulas. The inventory management component houses the material and service master records, and controls and tracks all the goods movements, receipts, issues, return receipts, stock transfers, reservations, physical inventory, stock determination, and batch handling. In addition, inventory management contains the actual costing material ledger that supports multiple currencies and valuations of a material as well as calculating an actual price from production. The purchasing area of MM provides the ability to determine possible sources to supply materials/services, the actual
procurement of these materials/services, tracking the delivery from vendors, and monitoring the payments to those vendors. Within purchasing are the vendor master records, requisitions, requests for quotes, conditions and prices, purchase orders, and vendor confirmations among many other objects.

Invoice verification, as its name suggests, supports verification and material valuations such as Last In First Out (LIFO) and First In First Out (FIFO), revaluations for price changes, changes to the invoices for credits, taxes, cash discounts, checking the invoices, defining account impacts for invoices, canceling invoices, delivery costs, and determining invoice variances. The external services management component is provided to support the complete process of procuring external services from vendors, from bidding on invitations, to awarding the order, to acceptance of services. It is used to define the service specifications, enter the services performed, accept those services, and then verify the service invoice. The information systems within MM consist of vendor valuations, the purchasing information system, and inventory information.

SD Reports

Sales And Distribution: Master Data Reports

Master Data    
  MM03 Display Material Master
  OV50 Customer Master Comparison
  OV51 Display Changes To Customers
  VD03 Display Customer Master Data – Sales Area
  VD04 Display Customer Changes – Sales Area
  XD03 Display Customer Master Data – Complete
  XD04 Display Customer Changes – Complete
  VD53 Display Customer-Material Info Record
  VCH3 Display Batch Search Strategy
  MSC3N Display Batch
Pricing and Output Conditions

  VA53 Display Item proposal
  VA55 Item Proposal List By Material
  VBN3 Display Free Goods Determination
  VK13 Display Condition Record Using Condition Type
  VK33 Display Condition Records
  VV13 Display Output Condition – Sales
  VV23 Display Output Condition – Shipping
  VV33 Display Output Condition – Billing


Sales and Distribution: Sales Reports

Credit Management

  F.31 Credit Management Overview
  F.32 Customers With Missing Credit Data
  FCV3 Early Warning List
  FD33 Customer Credit Management Display
  FDK43 Credit Management Master Data List
  S_ALR_87012215 Display Changes To Credit Management
  S_ALR_87012218 Credit Master Sheet

Sales and Distribution Processing    
  VA03 Display Sales Order
  VA13 Display Inquiry
  VA23 Display Quotation
  VL03N Display Outbound Delivery
  VL22 Outbound Delivery Changes
  V_UC Incomplete Outbound Delivery
  VF03 Display Billing Document
  VF05 Billing Documents List
  VFX3 Blocked Billing Documents
  ME53N Display Third Party Requistion
  VA15 Inquiries List
  VA25 Quotations List
  VA05 Orders List
  V.14 Blocked Orders
  V.15 Overdue Orders
  VL06F Outbound Deliveries List
  VL04 Delivery Due List
  VF05 Billing Documents List
  MCV9 Incomplete Sales Documents List
  MMBE Stock Overview
  CO09 Availability Overview
  VBN3 Display Free Goods Conditions
  VV13 Display Output Conditon – sales
  VV23 Display Output Condition – shipping
  VV33 Display Output Condition – billling
  VD53 Display Customer – Material Info Record
  V/LD Pricing Reports
  VA23 Display Quotation
Sales Information System  
  MCTA Customer analysis
  MCTC Material analysis
  MCTE Sales Organisation analysis
  MCTK Shipping Point analysis
  MC(A Customer Incoming Orders
  MC+A Customer Returns
  MC+E Customer Invoiced Sales
  MC+I Customer Credit Memos

MC(E Material Incoming Orders
  MC+M Material Returns
  MC+Q Material Invoiced Sales
  MC+U Material Credit Memos
  MC(I Sales Org Incoming Orders
  MC+Y Sales Org Returns
  MC+2 Sales Org Invoiced Sales
  MC+6 Sales Org Credit Memos

MC(U Shipping Point Deliveries
  MC-0 Shiping Point Returns

SD Transaction Codes

Sales and Distribution Master Data Transactions


Material Master    

MM01 Create Material Master

MM02 Change Material Master

MM50 Extend Material Views
Customer Master    

VD01 Create Customer Master Data – Sales Area

VD02 Change Customer Master Data – Sales Area

VD05 Block/ unblock Business Partner

VD06 Delete Customer Master Data

XD01 Create Customer Master Data – Complete

XD02 Change Customer Master Data – Complete

VD51 Create Customer-Material Info Record

VD52 Change Customer-Material Info Record
Batch Data    

VCH1 Create Batch Search Strategy

VCH2 Change Batch Search Strategy

CT04 Define Batch Characteristics

CL02 Define Batch Classes

MSC1N Create Batch

MSC2N Change and Classify Batch
Item Proposal & Pricing Conditions    

VA51 Create Item Proposal

VA52 Change Item Proposal

VBN1 Create Free Goods Determination

VBN2 Change Free Goods Determination

VK11 Create Condition Record Using Condition Type

VK12 Change Condition Record Using Condition Type

VK31 Create Condition Records

VK32 Change Condition Records – Fast Entry

VK34 Create Condition Records With Template
Output Conditions

VV11 Create Output Condition – Sales

VV12 Change Output Condition – Sales

VV21 Create Output Condition – Shipping

VV22 Change Output Condition – Shipping

VV31 Create Output Condition – Billing

VV32 Change Output Condition – Billing



Sales And Distribution Other Frequently Used Transactions


Credit Management

F-28 Post Incoming Payments

FD32 Customer Credit Management Change

VKM1 Credit Management – Blocked SD Documents

VKM2 Credit Management – SD Documents Released

VKM4 Credit Management – All

OBB8 Definition and Maintenance Of Payment Terms
Inquiry Processing

VA11 Create Inquiry

VA12 Change Inquiry
Quotation Processing  

VA21 Create Quotation

VA22 Change Quotation
Sales Processing    

VA01 Create Sales Order

VA02 Change Sales Order

V.01 Incomplete SD Documents

V_RA Backorder Processing List – SD

V_SA Collective Processing Log

V_V2 Execute Backorder Rescheduling

VA14L SD Documents Blocked For Delivery

OVAU Definition of Order Reason
Delivery Processing    

VL01N Create Outbound Delivery wrt Sales Order

VL02N Change Outbound Delivery

VL06 Delivery Documents List

VL06G PGI Collective Processing Via Outbound Delivery Monitor

VL06O Outbound Delivery Monitor

VL09 PGI Cancellation / Reversal

VL10A Delivery Due List – Sales Documents

VL10B Delivery Due List – Purchasing Documents

VL23 PGI Schedule Background Processing

VL71 Outbound Delivery Output

V_UC Incomplete Outbound Deliveries

VG03 Display Group Of Outbound Deliveries

VF01 Create Billing Document

VF02 Change Billing Document

VF04 Process Billing Due List

VF06 Background Processing – Billing

VF11 Cancel Billing Document

VF31 Output from Billing

VFX3 Blocked Billing Documents