SAP SD User Training Material

This training manual explains various transactions related to SAP Sales and Distributions module datas. You will find step by step guides with screenshots for the following SD Processes;

  • Maintain Customer Master Data [XD01], [XD02], [XD03]
  • Create Excise Master Data [J1ID]
  • Maintain Condition Records [VK11]
  • Maintain Sales Orders [VA01], [VA02], [VA03], [VA05]
  • Maintain Inquiries [VA11], [VA12], [Va13], [VA15]
  • Maintaion Quotations [VA21], [VA22], [VA23], [VA25]
  • Maintain Contracts [VA41], [VA42], [VA43], [VA45],
  • Maintain Invoices [VF01], [VF02], [VF03], [VF05]
  • Release Billing Documents for Accounting [VFX3]
  • Create Outbound Delivery With Reference to Sales Order [VL01N]
  • Create Excise Invoice [J1IIN]
  • Excise Register Extraction [J2I5]

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SAP SD CIN Presentation: Concepts, Configuration and More…

In this presentation you will find a comprehensive content regarding to SAP India localization with respect to Sales And Distribution module. Following are headlines from the document

  • Indian tax structures defined: Direct Taxes (Capital Tax, Personal income tax) and Indirect Taxes ( Excise duties, Sales taxes and Service taxes)
  • Excise duties and Sales taxes defined and differences explained.
  • Types of excise duties: Basic Excise duty, Additional Excise duty, Special Excise duty are explained.
  • Sales Processes are shown in detail: Sales from factory, Sales from Depot…
  • A common word CENVAT is described.
  • Condition based tax procedure TAXINN configuration is shown.
  • Excise Register defined and types of Excise Registers listed.
  • Tax/Excise Duty set up for MM & SD is explained step by step with screenshots.
  • You will be guided through basic settings of Excise Registration ID’s, Company Code, Plant, Excise groups, Series groups, Excise Duty Indicators,
  • CENVAT Utilization explained.

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SAP MM CIN Excise Configuration Guide

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you Excise Invoice User Manual . I have recently come across a Configuration Guide of Excise Invoice for Country India Version (CIN) .

In this article author explains every bit of Excise Invoice starting with describing terms, then goes step by step configuration procedures with accompanying notes. For those who are new to this area, this article will make it simply easy to understand the required CIN settings. Covered steps are as following

  • Definition and types of Excise Duty
  • Basic SAP MM CIN Settings
  • Maintaining Master Data
  • Account Determination
  • Incoming Excise Invoices, Subcontracting, Excise Register

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SAP SD Excise Invoice User Manual (CIN)

Excise invoice is a business document issued by vendor that accompanies for the goods sent to company which contains Goods Movements and Taxes information. This process is a part of procurement covered under Country Version India (CIN) for SAP Sales and Distribution module.. It lists the goods and states, quantity and how much excise duty applies on them. You can read more about Excise Invoice at SAP HELP

In this document you will find a step by step guide of the following processes

  1. Create Excise Invoice
  2. Excise Rate Maintenance
  3. Update RG23 A/C Issues and RG1
  4. Returns Process
  5. Form Tracking

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