A Great List of SAP MM End-User Manuals

Here I’m with another End-User manual bundle for the processes of SAP Materials Management. Before you download these, i strongly suggest you to download previous end-user manuals if you missed which are Purchase Requisitioning, Purchase Requisition Approver and Invoice Verification.

In this post you will find download links for many daily used processes in

  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Invoice Verification
  • Purchasing

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SAP Invoice Verification End-User Training Manual

This course focuses on Verification Vendor Invoices for Materials (Non Stock) and Services in SAP, The invoices from Vendor are recorded in SAP by referring to:

  • Purchase order number (against which the non-materials/services are delivered by the Vendor) and the system would list down all the eligible line items from Purchase order for processing the Invoice. The relevant line items specific to the invoice presented by the Vendor needs to be selected before proceeding further.
  • Vendor code, where the system will list down all the eligible items (materials/services), from various purchase orders, for invoice processing. The relevant items (materials/services) are selected from this list, which is indicated in the Vendor’s invoice, for further processing.
  • The Vendor (Invoice Party Partner), the vendor document number, date of invoice receipt and total value of the Invoice are mandatory fields on the header of the Invoice.
  • The value and currency from the Vendor’s Invoice are entered during Invoice processing and the system gives message for any differences between the value from Vendor’s Invoice and the Purchase order values and the quantity in the Goods Receipt.  The invoice will not be posted until the difference is zero between the debits/credits (or within the allowed tolerances).
  • A document number is generated after successful posting of Vendor’s invoice and this would now enable processing of payment to vendor (against this invoice) using the baseline date of the entered vendors document date and the terms of payment.An accounting document is also created automatically in the background to recognize Vendor liability and to clear the GR/IR.

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Variances in Invoice Verification

The system needs to be configured properly with ‘Tolerances’ so that you are not hampered with variances when you try Invoice Verification. You need to define the lower and upper limits for each combination of the Company Code and the tolerance key defined for the various variances. The system then checks these tolerance limits and issues warnings or prevents you from proceeding further when you process an invoice.

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Unplanned Delivery Cost in Logistics Invoice Verification

Unplanned delivery costs are not known at the time of purchase order creation and hence these are not specified in the purchase order. These are only entered at the time of vendor invoice posting. For these cost no provision is made while posting the goods receipt. In case of unplanned delivery costs, the system does not check the purchase order for planned delivery costs. These costs are posted in exactly the same manner as subsequent debits/credits.
Find below end-user manual for this process

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